Green hills and golden plains

Ideal length of stay: 6 nights

  • Zagorje (3 nights)
  • Osijek (3 nights)
Picturesque hills of Zagorje

This itinerary is ideal for travelers who want to do more than just see the country's main tourist attractions. Blending comfort with going off the beaten paths, Green hills and golden plains itinerary will take you to the less travelled areas of Croatia and immerse you into the local way of life.

Upon arrival, you will settle in the area of Zagorje, well-known for its green rolling hills and mineral springs of natural healing water. You will stay in a hotel and spa where you can relax and recharge at the end of an interesting day of sightseeing exploration. Start familiarizing yourself with the local history by visiting the Krapina Neanderthal museum. This interesting, interactive museum is located on the site of the habitat of the prehistoric Neanderthal man. Later in the day you will be catapulted many years forward in time, to the Middle Ages. Explore one of the many castles in the area and find out how the Croatian nobility used to live back in the day. Treat yourself to some štrukli, favourite local pastry, in a traditional klet restaurant, overlooking the castle.

Next step is the beautiful baroque city of Varaždin. Take a stroll through the city with a local guide, see its cultural highlights and learn about the history of this former capital of Croatia. In the afternoon, we will take you to a winery for a tasting of the award-winning white wines and where you can taste the local cuisine while enjoying a stunning view. Absorb the tranquility of the amazing Croatian north.

Feudal fortress, Varaždin
St. George and the Stone Gate, Zagreb

Spend a day in the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Home to nearly one quarter of Croatia's population, this metropolis is an elegant mixture of influences that have shaped this modern city throughout the centuries. You can opt for a private tour of the city's cultural highlights or simply absorb the vibrant arts and cafe scene, haute cuisine and bustling streetlife.

From Zagorje, the journey heads east towards Slavonia. Once an endless blue expanse of the Pannonian sea, today this easternmost part of Croatia is celebrated for its neverending plains and fertile vineyards. The first stop along the way is Đakovo, a town whose stunning brick cathedral stands as a beacon to all the travelers, visible from miles away. Đakovo hosts one of the oldest horse farms in all of Europe, dating back to the beginning of the 16th century.

Meet the beautiful creatures of the Lipizzaner breed and find out why they were the favourites at the royal court in Vienna. The trip continues to Osijek, where you will stay in a boutique hotel in the historic city center. Spend the night strolling down the cobblestone streets of the old fortress before grabbing a drink in one of many lively bars and pubs.

Cathedral of St. Peter, Đakovo
Flavours of Baranja

From Osijek, we will organize a trip to the nearby Kopački rit Nature Park. Also called „the European Amazon“, this lowland, situated between the Danube and Drava rivers is a must-see for every nature lover. Follow that up with a visit to an ethno village, where the generous hosts will show you how people in that area used to live and work. Enjoy a hearty homemade meal, including kulen, a local meat delicacy.

Final stop is the city of Vukovar. This ancient city still bears the scars of its troubled past, but its inhabitants and their spirit will win you right over. Visit the Museum of Vukovar, situated in the beautiful baroque Eltz manor, or the nearby Vučedol culture museum, located on the site of the 5000 year old settlement.

Finish your trip with a visit to one of the most famous wine cellars in the country. Watching the golden plains glistening in the sun while sipping premium wines and enjoying a delicious meal is the perfect way to look back on your magical holiday in Croatia.

Wine-growing hills of Ilok

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