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Tailor made holidays in Croatia

Croatia is a fascinating country, situated on the crossroads of civilizations, that offers an incredible array of destinations and experiences. Whether you enjoy exploring history and culture, marvelling at wonders of nature or just experiencing life like a local, TEMPER TRAVEL has you covered.

We specialize in creating unique, personalized itineraries which cater best to your interests, preferences and travel style. Our custom made tours aim to get the best out of your time in Croatia, whether your interests lie in history, culture, nature, cuisine, leisure or whatever you prefer.

To give you an idea what you can expect in Croatia, we have outlined some of the country's characteristics and destinations by regions below. For further information go to our TRIP INSPIRATION page where you will find suggested itineraries, which you can use as a starting point of your custom tour.

Contact us and let our team of local experts tailor your trip to the finest of details, while leaving room for spontaneous, unpredictable moments which are one of the joys of travel and which add up to the experience of a lifetime.



This small, horshoe-shaped, Mediterranean country is home to around 4.5 million people, more than 1000 islands, 8 national parks and countless experiences just waiting to greet you.

Its 6000 km of coastline and one of the clearest seas in all of Europe, together with protected mountain ranges and fertile plains, combine to create a wonderful harmony and spirit of timelessness.

Centuries of civilisations and cultures intertwining at the crossroads where the East meets the West have left behind a unique blend of people, sights and tastes.


The southern part of Croatia dances to its own rhythm. Home to some of the most iconic sights of Croatia, Dalmatia is a mesmerizing mixture of crystal clear sea, ancient marvels and timeless tastes.

Discover why emperor Diocletian chose Split as his final resting place, enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Zadar or just be seduced by Dubrovnik, „the pearl of the Adriatic“.

Go for a swim on the islands, relax in the shade of fragrant pine trees, have a sip of world renowned Plavac wine, feast on sea delicacies or some of the finest cheeses and prosciutto. The opportunities are endless...

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The least populated area of Croatia boasts the highest concentration of national and nature parks. Its rivers, springs, mountains, caves, lakes and untouched forests are a must see for any nature enthusiast. Plitvice Lakes National park, the „crown jewel“ of Lika leaves millions of visitors from all over the globe breathless each year.

The surrounding hills, which have inspired the most beautiful Croatian fairytales, are a sanctuary to endangered bird species, bears and wolves. On top of that, the small village of Smiljan is the birthplace of one of the brightest minds in history, Nikola Tesla.

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Istria & Kvarner

Istria truly is „terra magica“. This heart-shaped peninsula in the northwestern corner of Croatia irresistibly evokes the most beautiful parts of Tuscany and Provence. The mythical Absyrthian islands of Rab, Krk, Cres and Lošinj frame the picture to perfection.

Roman influence is still very present in towns like Pula and Poreč, and medieval legends shape the life in picturesque towns perched on top of the hills. Explore Hum, the smallest town in the world, get lost in the narrow stone streets of Motovun, or enjoy local handmade art in Grožnjan.
This land with long and rich history is blessed with unspoiled nature, so treat yourself to the finest truffles, the best Adriatic scampi, to enchanting wines and award-winnig olive oils. Your palate will combine these divine pleasures into a fusion of unforgettable Istrian experiences.

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Zagreb & Continental Croatia

Welcome to the metropolis of Croatia! Zagreb, the capital city, accounts for nearly 1 million inhabitants and is the political, commercial and cultural heart of Croatia. Its striking neo-gothic and secession buildings and green parks invite you to stroll down the main street or enjoy a meal in some of the country's most renowned restaurants.

If you prefer peace and quiet, head out to the countryside. Continental Croatia is an oasis of tranquility. Picturesque rolling hills dotted with romantic medieval castles and thermal spas hide the famous archeological site of Neandhertal man in Krapina as well as beautiful baroque cities of Varaždin and Čakovec. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals and wine and dine like nobility in authentic restaurants.

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Once an endless blue expanse of the Pannonian sea, today this easternmost part of Croatia is celebrated for its neverending plains and fertile wineyards. Dubbed the „Vallis Aurea“ (the Golden Valley) by the Romans, this area was home to numerous cultures throughout the centuries. Explore the mysteries of the prehistoric Vučedol culture in Vukovar, feel like a Roman in the ancient city of Vinkovci or relive the days of Suleiman the Magnificent in Osijek.

Generous hosts will treat you to premium wines in some of the oldest wine cellars in Europe and traditional dishes accompanied by the sounds of tambouritzas. End the day with a relaxing ride through Kopački Rit Nature park or pet a beautiful lippizaner horse in one of the Europe's oldest horse farms in Đakovo.

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Tailor made trip request

NOTE: Our planning fee is 150 Euros. This covers the cost of researching your bespoke trip. When we receive your payment, we will send you custom made itinerary suggestion. This amount goes toward the total cost of your trip and it is non-refundable in case you do not travel with TEMPER TRAVEL.