Things to Do and See in Split, Croatia

Split is a beautiful Mediterranean city, a living piece of history that has seen many changes throughout the years. This second largest city in Croatia has transformed from a transit port into a must-visit destination for all travel addicts. Unique in its history and lifestyle, Split excites everyone with the wish to explore.


Historic city center – Diocletian's palace

Put on some comfortable walking shoes and set out to explore the historic city center, once a grand palace of the most powerful man in the world, roman emperor Diocletian. There are some points of interest that you simply cannot overlook. Diocletian's palace is one of the finest examples of roman engineering in the world. Throughout the centuries, people of Split have used it and adapted it to their own needs, so the original walls have changed a lot, but the general shape of the palace is still very much visible and functional, which resulted in the UNESCO listing it as World Heritage Site in 1979. You have to see the spectacular St Duje's cathedral, the oldest building in the world used as a church. It used to be the mausoleum of Diocletian before it was transformed in the 7th century. Admire the cathedral from the outside, standing on the ancient square called Peristil, former place of adoration of emperor and site of ancient temples, out of which two still exist. Walk down the steps into the cellars where you will find authentic souvenirs and works of art made by local artists. The central part of the cellars is free to visit, and if you are a fan of Game of Thrones series you can explore all of them and find out where some of the most famous scenes were shot.



Walk through the beautiful Riva promenade and grab a cup of coffee like a true Splićo (person from Split)! Riva got its look two centuries ago, during the reign of Napoleon. It has still remained the place to go, the most important public space in the city, pedestrian heaven lined with restaurants and cafes, ideal for afternoon drink.


Vidilica viewpoint

Take a short 15-minute walk up to the most beautiful viewpoint in the city enjoy the vista of Split. Viewpoint on Marjan hill is easily accessible by steps leading from the city center through the picturesque Varoš quarter. SLIKE 6


Meštrović Gallery

There’s no better place to appreciate the works of Croatia’s greatest sculptor, Ivan Meštrović, than the villa he built himself overlooking the Adriatic. Throughout the second decade of the 20th century, Ivan Meštrović bought plots in the area of Meje, the western part of Split, with the intention of building his future residence. Explore the artist’s masterpieces made in marble (Psyche, 1927, Contemplation, 1924), bronze (Distant Chords, 1918, Cyclops, 1933, Persephone, 1946, Virgin and Child, 1917, Job, 1946), wood (Grieving Angels and Merry Angels, 1916), and plaster (Pietà, 1946), which cover all of the periods of the artist’s prolific creation until 1946.


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